Work has started to create a tree-lined main street through Orchard Grove. This year, in a fitting celebration of it being 2024, there will be 24 trees planted along the Spine Road.

The Spine Road is the main arterial route that runs from the top of the community – at the new A38 roundabout – which will eventually connect to Honiton Road. The vision is to have dozens of trees flanking the road, creating a leafy avenue running through the heart of the community.

Tree pits have been dug and as many new trees as possible will be put in place during the current planting season, with more put in the ground later this year. When the Spine Road is complete, a total of 79 new trees will line the route.

Having trees planted along major roads delivers an array of benefits. Trees bring the natural world into built spaces; they create a more attractive place to live, work, and socialise; reduce pollution and CO2 emissions; boost wellbeing; and encourage reduced traffic speeds and greater road awareness.