Three proposed new projects could dramatically improve connectivity between Orchard Grove, Taunton, and the wider area. They signify a significant stride towards enhancing transportation connectivity and accessibility within the region.

A new bus lane from Orchard Grove, railway station at Wellington, and improved parking at Musgrave Park Hospital all serve to make Orchard Grove an even more convenient and central location to live, commute from, and visit the local area.

The plans are an exciting prospect for current or future residents, as the new community stands poised to reap the benefits of these transformative travel initiatives, which will foster greater convenience and quality of life for those at Orchard Grove.

In summary the plans are:

A new bus lane proposed for Orchard Grove:

Plans are underway for a potential new bus lane from Orchard Grove’s park and bus facility to the Tangier area of Taunton. It is one of several new improvements to the bus network in the town, with an estimated investment exceeding £4.7 million within the next 12 months.

Somerset Council has confirmed that the scheme is currently in the feasibility phase, with specifics to be announced post-approval. These bus priority lanes aim to expedite bus journeys on key routes, enhancing efficiency and reliability. Read more here.

Better parking facilities at Musgrave Park Hospital:

Musgrove Park Hospital is set to undergo a significant infrastructural overhaul with the proposed construction of a new multi-storey car park, aimed at improving access for patients, staff, and visitors.

The submission of formal car park plans in late March signals the The new car park will boast seamless connectivity to Orchard Grove via designated cycle paths and road networks. A decision on the plans expected within the next 10 weeks. Read more here.

Wellington Railway station:

Somerset Council, in collaboration with Network Rail, is progressing plans to restore rail services to Wellington, which is less than 5 miles from Orchard Grove. The revival of Wellington’s former mainline station holds immense potential to transform the area’s transport landscape.

The anticipated cost for the development is estimated at £15 million, with the new station projected to commence operations by June 2026. Read more here.