Planning at Orchard Grove

Orchard Grove: Eastern neighbourhood design guide consultation

The consultation closed on 18 July 2021.

The team is currently reviewing the feedback and queries received. All feedback will be taken on board in the development a more detailed design guide for the area. Responses to questions posed will be uploaded to this page in the coming weeks.

Why was this a digital consultation?

Ordinarily a meeting and physical display would be our chosen route to communicate plans to the community, however a gathering has simply not been possible. The team considered different ways to share the information with local residents in a responsible, safe and timely way. The chosen route was a digital presentation, explanatory video content, and a contact email – coupled with an extensive local leaflet drop to raise awareness and encourage engagement.   

Printed leaflets outlining the consultation, and inviting those living locally to view the materials online and share their views via a survey, were distributed to 3,000 homes and businesses in the area during the week of 21st June. This was undertaken by a local firm with in-depth knowledge of the area, and it spanned the locality, with specific focus on Trull, Dipford, Galmington, Staplehay, Pitminster, Blagdon Hill, Corfe, and the Trull Road area. 

The Eastern Neighbourhood Design Guide presentation is 25 pages in length, which meant it was unsuitable for mass printing and distribution. It was discussed that some shared copies could be printed and placed in public facilities, however asking people to attend a couple of locations and handle the same printed material was deemed too much of a Covid-19 threat without having a team on the ground to put safety procedures in place. We have a duty of care when it comes to ensuring Covid guidelines are adhered to and wanted to avoid any unnecessary risk. 

We have worked within the constraints of the pandemic, while seeking to share clear and comprehensive information on the design with those living near Orchard Grove. We understand there will be disappointment that more could not be done. However, the survey received a good response rate and there was a good level of public engagement.