Somerset Council has been working with Network Rail to restore rail services to Wellington, less than 5 miles from Orchard Grove. The revival of Wellington’s former mainline station, defunct since the mid-1960s, will radically boost the area’s transport options.

A significant milestone was reached as Somerset Council’s planning committee recently endorsed the outline plans, in a meeting on 1st May. This approval sets the stage for the construction of a new station access road.

The anticipated cost for the development is estimated at £15 million, with the new station projected to commence operations by June 2026.

The project entails two components: the station infrastructure itself, inclusive of its associated car park, and the essential access road linking the station site to Nynehead Road and the broader road network. Network Rail assumes responsibility for overseeing the construction and delivery of the railway station, alongside the development of its adjacent car park near the southern platform.

Plans are expected to be developed and submitted in the coming months. This milestone signifies a significant stride towards enhancing transportation connectivity and accessibility within the region.