In a bid to improve access for patients, staff, and visitors, Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton is set to undergo a significant infrastructural upgrade with the proposed construction of a new multi-storey car park. This development comes as part of the broader £87 million surgical center project, marking a pivotal milestone in the hospital’s ongoing redevelopment efforts.

Musgrove Park Hospital was designated as one of the 40 healthcare facilities slated for redevelopment, enhancement, or replacement under the ambitious New Hospitals Programme (NHP) unveiled in late 2020.

Currently, patients and staff predominantly use the Cedars multi-storey car park, situated at the southern periphery of the hospital grounds. However, recognising the pressing need for expanded parking infrastructure, the Somerset NHS Foundation Trust has unveiled plans for a second multi-storey car park.

Formal submission of the proposed car park plans occurred in late March, with the development poised to deliver up to 307 additional parking spaces. The new car park, earmarked for construction at the south-east corner of the hospital site.

The car park will be seamlessly connected to Orchard Grove, via a designated cycle path and road network. This strategic link not only facilitates ease of access for hospital visitors but also makes Orchard Grove an attractive prospect for hospital staff. Musgrove Park Hospital employs over 4,500 staff, making it one of the largest employers in the region.

The council has indicated that a decision on the plans is expected within the next 10 weeks, with due consideration accorded to minimising disruption to patients and visitors during the construction phase, should planning permission be granted.

The proposed new hospital car park heralds a significant stride towards enhancing accessibility and amenities within Musgrove Park Hospital, underlining the commitment of the Somerset NHS Foundation Trust to deliver world-class healthcare services to the community.