Those living locally to the Orchard Grove development are likely to be aware that a pumping station is being built. This is a facility that safely transfers foul drainage away from the site, and is necessary to support the new homes being built. It has been designed in accordance with national design guidance to ensure it is reliable and of the highest quality.

Work is starting on the construction of the pumping station and there is planned programme of activity set to take place over the coming months. Our intention is to complete the project in May and we are working to the following timeline:


  • Excavation and installation of temporary works begin the week of 14th February, taking place for around two weeks


  • Work begins to construct the inlet and pump chambers
  • Followed by backfilling and removing the temporary works
  • Valve and flowmeter chambers will be installed


  • Construction of pipework and valves
  • Followed by more backfilling and formation of the sub-base
  • Drainage to the new pipework
  • Building the kiosk and installing slabs
  • Fixing grilles, covers and slabs into place
  • Further work on pumps, control panel, kiosk, cabling and other equipment
  • Creating kerbs and exterior area
  • Finishing pipework and surrounds


  • Infilling the pump chamber
  • Followed by installation of services, electronics and communication channels
  • Installation of rising main, to supply mains water
  • The pump station will then be commissioned
  • Work to complete the kerbs, slabs and drainage
  • Fencing will be erected and finishing work to the entrance
  • Temporary hoarding will be removed.

We can assure you that every effort is being made to reduce noise and disturbance for local residents, and extra measures have been put in place accordingly. Equipment will either be located as far from existing homes as possible, or specialist noise mitigation apparatus will be used by the team.

To enable the work to take place, a pump and generator need to be active. Submersible pumps will be used in the immediate vicinity of the new pumping station, and these will be powered by a silenced generator located further away to create a greater distance from nearby neighbours. Fencing will be erected and an acoustic shield noise reduction barrier will be installed.

You are welcome to contact our general email address at any time with queries, Many thanks for your patience and understanding as we complete this necessary piece of infrastructure work.

*Please note: all information is correct at the time of being published but timings may be subject to change*