Autumn arrives at Orchard Grove once again, and we are getting ready for tree planting season, which will see many more trees and hedges planted in the green spaces being created. Drainage works are taking place on the Pocket park site, which will eventually be the first area of parkland and playground.

A new footpath has opened through Orchard Grove. This is a temporary diversion, replacing an existing public right of way (footpath T29/11). The original route now passes directly through an active construction site, so an alterative route has been agreed with Somerset County Council and will be in place for the foreseeable future, until the development reaches a point where a permanent footpath can be opened.

Elsewhere on site, more critical services are being installed for future homes, as construction continues and as more residents get ready to move to the new community. More retaining walls are being constructed across the site, and tarmac is being laid on the main arterial road leading to where the new primary school will be built.