As we head towards Autumn, we see plenty of infrastructure work on site as the development gathers pace. Essential services continue to be installed to support the many homes under construction.  

The site compound (this is the GroundFix compound, currently located at the entrance to Orchard Grove) is being relocated, as construction begins in that area. Earthworks continue, alongside the creation of sustainable drainage measures, including the completion of another retaining wall. 

Work on the Galmington stream culvert will progress through September. The culvert is now in place and backfilling in taking place as the earthworks are completed.  

Orchard Grove’s main arterial road, running from the top to the bottom of the development, is still underway. Another key roadwork project has been the creation of the new A38 junction, and this month the final inspections will take place. 

*Please note: all information is correct at the time of being published but timings may be subject to change*