This month, more work is taking place to construct a network of footpaths around the residential areas. Surfacing work will be carried out through February along the estate road footpaths, helping residents to get around the new community with ease. Footpaths along the Spine Road will also be created.

At the Pocket Park, the last stages of work are underway that will enable to much-anticipated park to open. Fencing has gone in around the playground and the final phases of work include realigning the path and cleaning the area ahead of it opening to the public.

Tree pits are being dug along the Spine Road, making the most of the planting season. A total of 24 trees are set to be planted this year, and there will eventually be 79 trees lining this road once its construction is complete.

Elsewhere on site, the groundworks are starting on the new developer compounds, as these prepare to move to a new dedicated area further into the development, away from residential areas.

*Please note: all information is correct at the time of being published but timings may be subject to change*