In March, Orchard Grove continues to make progress despite weather-related challenges. The focal point remains Pocket Park, the development’s inaugural park area and playground. Despite unexpected delays due to inclement weather, the finishing touches, including installing additional fencing, are underway. Residents can anticipate the park’s opening once these final tasks are completed, promising a welcoming space for recreation and relaxation.

Meanwhile, the groundwork team is installing footpaths along the spine road and key residential streets, enhancing accessibility and connectivity within the community. These footpaths aid safe movement around Orchard Grove and contribute to the neighborhood’s overall functionality.

Looking ahead, preparations for Highfield Park are poised to start once the weather improves. The initial phase will focus on earthworks to shape the park, ahead of footpaths and soft landscaping work taking place.

*Please note: all information is correct at the time of being published but timings may be subject to change*